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Aw shucks, you say the nicest things

I feel better than ever

I started working out with Adrienne after I was       t-boned in a car accident. My physical therapist recommended I find a personal trainer to continue my healing and I found the best. Adrienne helped me heal and become stronger. Even after my injuries were healed, I continued personal training with Adrienne. She is smart, knowledgeable, motivating, empathetic and fun. The hour goes by too fast. She is my partner in health as well as my coach. I continue to see improvements in how I feel and move. Adrienne is awesome—a true healer.

Mary Ann L., Burbank, CA

Helped Me Meet My Goals
"Adrienne is the best. She’s been my trainer for years.  In fact, when the gym where I met her closed, I followed her to her new location. Her knowledge and skills go far beyond those of any other trainer I’ve worked with. She makes a point of staying educated on all the latest exercise science, and she is a great teacher of that knowledge. With Adrienne, I’ve learned so much about my own physiology, proper pre and post workout regimens, building strength and stamina, stretching, recovery, and more. She incorporates my other workout routines (Pilates, running, cycling) into a holistic fitness plan, and over the years   has helped me set and meet personal fitness goals. Adrienne is friendly,  professional, and she always makes an effort to accommodate my changing schedule."
John M., Pasadena, CA




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